Customer Satisfaction Program
Our Customer Satisfaction Program is designed to familiarize homeowners with various aspects of the construction process, ensure excellent quality and workmanship at each major phase and customize the home to suit the needs of each homeowner.

Homeowners will have an opportunity to meet with the builder and inspect the building site for quality assurance throughout the construction process, with emphasis on these three important phases: 

1)  Prior to ground breaking- at which time the lot will be staked & marked for grading. 
2)  Framing- upon completion of  interior and exterior framing. 
3)  Presettlement- A full walk through prior to settlement.

These consultation sessions allow you to personalize your home in areas key to your style of living.

1)  Design Consultation-  Consult with builder to review and modify our plans or develop custom plans to suit your needs.  Make material style and color selections. 
2)  Electrical Consultation-  Upon completion of framing, homeowner will meet with our electrician to discuss the electrical package and additional specific lighting needs.
3)  Kitchen Consultation-  Homeowner will meet with our professional kitchen designer, review the kitchen layout and select kitchen options.

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our homeowners. Carrigan Homes ensures customer satisfaction through a scheduled routine inspection of the home at Pre-settlement as well as service lists at 60 Days and One Year.

Carrigan Homes leads the industry in offering a truly comprehensive warranty package, giving our homeowners confidence long after the moving vans leave.  Each home is enrolled in the Quality Builders Warranty Corporation 10 Year warranty program.  Carrigan strengthens that warranty with an unprecedented 2 Year Limited Trade Warranty on electrical, heating, and plumbing; including parts and labor.  Planted trees, shrubs and asphalt driveway are also protected under 1Year Limited Warranty.

Terms subject to change without notice   (Rev 1/18)

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